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CIRCUIT: Fostering circular and resilient transport infrastructures

We Right-Click is partnering in its first project,  dedicated to innovative transport infrastructure. 

CIRCUIT, a research and innovation project funded by the EU, aims to integrate digital and circular solutions all along the construction value chain in 5 pilot locations in the EU (Croatia, Spain, The Netherlands, Slovenia, and Italy). Innovations are based on open-source digital platforms, modularity, bio-based and secondary construction elements and safety.


  • Digital Transformation: Bridge the digitalization gap and elevate existing assets into smart infrastructure
  • Safety and Efficiency: Alleviate congestion and minimize accidents
  • Environmental Responsibility: Test and validate various technologies designed to reduce environmental impact in real-world scenarios
  • Circular Economy Advocacy: Promote circular economy principles, performance-based design, reuse and recycle
  • Energy Efficiency: Decrease energy consumption during construction and operation of transport infrastructures
  • Impact beyond the project: Interoperability with design BIM and LCA tools. Integration of CIRCUIT’s outcomes into public procurement

Our role

We Right-click is in charge of developing the communication strategy of the project and co-creating the best business models for the different innovative solutions developed by the partners.


Project duration: 1 May 2023 – 30 April 2027
20 partners, coordinated by FEHRL (Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories)

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